In 1936, it was put into operation electrical workshops communication services Severodonetsk Railway. The production facilities of 400 square meters there were about a hundred workers and employees. This team has been working on the repair of railway automation equipment, communications and It makes tools and equipment for repair and maintenance of overhead lines. In the years World War II (in 1941 the month of October), the plant was evacuated to the South Urals, where he produced output and defense produktsii.Posle returning from evacuation in the reconstructed buildings Workshop team resumed the production of primary products, which was very necessary for the restoration of railway roads in the country ravaged by war. In the fifties, the number of employees risen to two hundred people have received the status and workshops electrical repair factory service signaling and communication Severodonetsk railway. AT 1969 elektorotehnichesky plant is included in the "Transsignalsvyazzavody".

From 1982 to 1989god made reconstruction of the plant. After the reconstruction production area increased to 10 thousand kv.m.Osnovnym activity of the enterprise is the production of equipment and products for the rail transport: equipment, ensuring the safety of trains, equipment automation and communication. also available Products (error on the website) and consumer products for general industrial use. Electrotechnical Plant manufactured product delivery abroad in such countries as the Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Syria, Guinea and Kubu.Predpriyatie It produces more than 40 names. To do this, there is the necessary equipment and experienced workers (error on the website) frames.

For the organization of the production process at the plant are the main production plant - procurement and assembly. They help tool shop, site equipment repair. Behind product quality control is conducted OTC department. the company notes in its September 2006 70-year anniversary.
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